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We are the Law Practice Management Program 

You want your law practice to be profitable, sustainable, and healthy. The Law Practice Management Program of the State Bar of Texas leverages the resources of the Bar and the experience of attorneys across Texas to help you meet the challenges of creating a successful practice.

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Succession Planning 

The arc of a lawyer’s law practice eventually comes to an end. Ideally, the lawyer is ready and the transition goes according to plan; readiness also fosters order in the event of an emergency. See our topic page for resources to help you prepare.

Click here to access our Succession Planning Toolkit!

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Creating a disaster readiness plan

There are a number of ways to go about creating your plan. My advice to you is pretty simple—find one that appeals to you and then use it. But unless you borrow someone else’s plan, or hire an expert to create one for you, you will be making your own. In the coming pages, I’m going to outline a process on how to make your own disaster plan.

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