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About Us

The Law Practice Resources Division (LPR) has a staff of attorneys, editors, web designers, technical production staff, and customer service staff. It is the donated services of hundreds of volunteer lawyers who make it possible to produce the high-quality books and manuals published by Texas Bar Books, and the critical content and services from the Law Practice Management Program.

The Texas Bar Books department operates out of an enterprise fund, separate from the general fund. The intention of the fund is not to continually grow the LPR Fund balance but to reinvest in new projects while supporting the operations of Texas Bar Books.

The Law Practice Management Program operates out of the general fund and is part of the State Bar’s efforts to help lawyers maintain healthy business practices and continue to develop other technical and self-care skills related to the profession.


Our Story

A fund known as the Book Fund was established in 1960, when the State Bar’s Board of Directors adopted a resolution providing for the use and retention of $20,000 received as gifts from the M.D. Anderson Foundation and the Houston Endowment, Inc. by establishing a trust account to receive the $20,000 sum and proceeds from its use for the exclusive purpose of creating and producing publications for the continuing legal education program.

Texas Bar Books

Texas Bar Books draws on the experience of hundreds of volunteer experts to create practical and useful resources on which Texas lawyers can rely.

—Sharon Sandle, Director of the Law Practice Resources Division

Our Process

Step 1

Committee & Authors


Volunteer attorneys:

  • Interpret the Law
  • Strategize
  • update Existing Text
  • Create New Material

Step 2

Bar Staff Production

Attorneys, Editors, Technologists:

  • Manage and Edit Materials
  • Publish Print and Digital
  • Design Products
  • Marketing and Web Operations

Step 3

Ready to Practice


TExas Bar Books Material is:

  • Trusted by Judges and Colleagues
  • Written by experienced Attorneys over many years
  • Easy to Use

The Law Practice Management Program

The State Bar of Texas established the Law Practice Management Program in 1995. The program initially served solo and small firm practitioners on questions of day-to-day practice. The program has since evolved to address new and emerging challenges in contemporary law practice.

The Law Practice Management Program is the product of a wide community of professionals. The lawyers most closely involved are members of the Law Practice Management Committee, a standing committee of the State Bar of Texas. The Committee’s mission is to promote the efficient, ethical management of the delivery of legal service; the viability of practice at reasonable prices; and the management knowledge and skills of the members of the Bar. The State Bar Legal Resources Division operates the daily activities of the program. Bar professionals assemble resources, educate, and field questions from members, their staff and families, and the public.

Our Process

Step 1

Facing Challenges and Needs


Assess Membership Needs:

  • Questions and Inquiries From Members
  • Outreach
  • Guidance from the Committee
  • Strategize and Research
  • Plan Content

Step 2

LPM Program's Response


  • Committee Meetings
  • Committee and Staff Contributions
  • Content Creation
  • Editing and Technical Production

Step 3

Practice Guidance


LPM Progam services:

  • Articles & Videos
  • Forms
  • Tips
  • Feedback from Members

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