What’s a law education account?

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What’s a law education account? How do I set one up? 

Here is a brief summary of how law education accounts work. Every digitally-based product (digital book downloads and online subscriptions) we have on the website is complimentary for those intending to use it for educational purposes. Both law students and law educators at accredited Texas law schools are eligible.  

How do I go about setting up a law education account? 

Select ‘JOIN NOW’ in the upper, right-hand corner of the webpage. Then, select “Law Student” as your account type. Proceed with entering in your law school email address and estimated graduation date. For law educators please fill in a date with a longer horizon that might reflect the length of your service. This date can always be modified, or your account privileges renewed through customer service.  

On the following page, you’ll insert your personal information. The next page will ask you to select whether you’re setting up the account for yourself or an organization. Click on “Select Myself.” Once your account has been created successfully, it will lead you directly to your library. You’re then able to select “Bookshop” from the top menu and add items to your cart.  

How do I add materials to my library?  

While you shop in the bookstore, you will see the full pricing on the product page, but once you put a digital download or subscription in your cart the item will show a price of $0.00.  

Once you’ve added items to your cart, you’ll then select the shopping cart icon from the top menu. On the next screen, you’ll be asked if you’d like to buy for “My Library” or an organization account. Please choose “My Library.” The discounts are not eligible for organization accounts. 
At this point, you should see your items fully discounted and you can continue your checkout like any other e-commerce site. If it is a $0.00 priced order, there will be no need to enter any payment information. 

What about hard-copy materials? 

Since our hard copies of books are priced as an “add-on” to the digital download, you can select the checkbox to receive a hard copy with your download and you will only be charged the add-on fee to cover the cost of our physical inventory. It still works out to a heavily discounted total. Some hard copy only items, such as a few of our deskbooks, and the DVD’s and reference cards remain full price and aren’t eligible.  


We hope you enjoy using the site and find the materials useful for law educational materials! 

Last Update: January 5, 2021  

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