When is the next update of this publication?

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Texas Bar Books incorporates changes in legislation and case law into its publications as frequently as every one to two years, depending on the publication.

Because all content in each publication is subject to a rigorous process of legal interpretation, writing, editing, and typesetting, significant updates to the Online manuals, digital downloads, and print books usually take place simultaneously. On occasion, however, Texas Bar Books updates a title’s Online manual and digital download versions between hard-copy editions.

Stay up to date with the online subscription

If you subscribe to a Texas Bar Books Online manual, the site will automatically reflect all updates, and we will notify you of the changes.

Auto-renewal for digital download and print products

To make sure you don’t miss any updates to the digital download or print version of a title, enroll in auto-renewal for that publication. You will receive a discount on your initial purchase as well as on all future auto-renewal updates for that title.

Or check the Bookshop

You may always check the Texas Bar Practice Bookshop to see if your digital download or print version of a title is up to date. The products listed there will always reflect the latest versions.

Or our blog

You may also review the update information on our blog. We post key updates there, especially for updates between hard-copy editions.

Last Update: September 30, 2020  

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