I want to begin a private practice and I’ve got nothing yet. Where do I start?

Conor Jensen

Starting a practice involves many considerations. Visit our Starting a Practice page for resources that address some of the common issues you might face in starting a practice. For a quick overview, you might also want to watch this program from TYLA’s Ten-Minute Mentor series: “Starting Your Own Practice.” “So You Are Starting Your Own Practice?” from TexasBarCLE’s Practice Tips series provides a more in-depth discussion.

How do I obtain an entity license or Online subscription for my entire firm?

Texas Bar Books Staff

ENTITY LICENSES An entity license allows an entire organization to access an online subscription or digital download at special prices. To inquire about an entity license, contact Group & Firm Sales Manager Laura Angle at 512-263-2802, or email her at langle@texasbar.com. Entity licenses are subject to the terms of the original license concerning permitted users of the online subscription or digital download. MULTIPLE SUBSCRIPTIONS If an entire organization doesn’t need access to an online manual, but a few members of the organization do, the organization may purchase however many subscriptions they need and manage which members of the organization have access. To manage multiple subscriptions for an organization, create a Texas Bar Practice account for the organization instead of as an individual—or log in to the organization’s account—purchase the desired number of subscriptions on the subscription product’s page in the Bookshop, and allocate those subscriptions as you see fit. Each additional subscription is for one additional lawyer and that lawyer’s support team only. Additional subscriptions are subject to the terms of the original license concerning permitted users of the online subscription.

Who may use the Online manuals and digital downloads?

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The material in Texas Bar Practice Online manuals and digital downloads, whether accessed online or downloaded, is licensed to the purchaser for use by one lawyer and that lawyer’s non-attorney staff only. For more details, see the Online manual terms and conditions and the digital download license agreement. See how to obtain additional and entity licenses at a discount here.

What is the latest version of this publication?

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The titles offered for sale in the Texas Bar Practice Bookshop are the latest editions of each title available. Navigate from the Bookshop’s main page to any publication’s individual web page for details. Online manuals Each Online manual is updated at least as frequently as the title’s corresponding hard copy or digital download. Digital downloads We update each digital download whenever a new edition or supplement is published for the title’s corresponding hard copy. In addition, we occasionally update a title’s digital download between hard-copy editions or supplements. To ensure your digital download is fully up to date, review the posts on the Texas Bar Books Updates page. The Updates page is also accessible via the “Check for Updates” bookmark in the main PDF files of most digital downloads. Supplements If you purchase a loose-leaf practice manual, we will ship the manual with all supplements necessary to provide you with a fully up-to-date manual. Plus, if a manual is supplemented within 90 days after you purchase it, we will ship you a complimentary copy of that supplement. If you already own a loose-leaf practice manual and need a supplement to bring it up to date, call our sales team at …

How do the Fastcase links work in digital downloads and Online manuals?

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The citations in the digital downloads and the Online manuals link to Fastcase, a free Texas Bar Membership benefit. To use this benefit from your digital downloads or Online manuals: Click on the citation link in your manual. The first time you do so, you will be asked to sign into your TexasBarCLE.com account with your Bar Card number. Once you verify and agree, the manual will automatically redirect to the Fastcase website. Once this sign-in process is done, you will be connected directly to Fastcase when using the manual links going forward. You will be asked to sign in to TexasBarCLE.com again when you use your manual in a new browser or device, or as your cookies expire.

How do I use my Texas Bar Books Online manual?

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Here is an overview of the features included in Texas Bar Books Online manuals and how you can use them to practice well. Access Your Manual To access your Texas Bar Books Online manual, log in to your Texas Bar Practice account, go to My Account, find your manual under “Subscriptions,” and click “Go to Product.” For help with this step, see How Do I Access My Online Manual? Home Page The Online manual’s home page has several options for opening and using the manual. Start by searching for topics or specific phrases. Start by opening the manual at Chapter 1. Start by opening your list of saved bookmarks. You’ll also find other helpful and informative links here. Practice Notes To use the practice notes, select the chapter on the left. You can click chapter titles to expand the topic groupings under that chapter. In the center panel you can scroll or click to navigate to the section and form titles. Text for your selected chapter, grouping, and section will appear in the main window. You can also: Return to the manual’s home page by clicking its title. Return to your Account page by clicking the profile icon. Access your saved bookmarks by …

When is the next update of this publication?

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Texas Bar Books incorporates changes in legislation and case law into its publications as frequently as every one to two years, depending on the publication. Because all content in each publication is subject to a rigorous process of legal interpretation, writing, editing, and typesetting, significant updates to the Online manuals, digital downloads, and print books usually take place simultaneously. On occasion, however, Texas Bar Books updates a title’s Online manual and digital download versions between hard-copy editions. Stay up to date with the online subscription If you subscribe to a Texas Bar Books Online manual, the site will automatically reflect all updates, and we will notify you of the changes. Auto-renewal for digital download and print products To make sure you don’t miss any updates to the digital download or print version of a title, enroll in auto-renewal for that publication. You will receive a discount on your initial purchase as well as on all future auto-renewal updates for that title. Or check the Bookshop You may always check the Texas Bar Practice Bookshop to see if your digital download or print version of a title is up to date. The products listed there will always reflect the latest versions. …

How do I effectively search in my Online manual?

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If you are searching for one term in the Online manual, just type it in the manual’s search field. If you would like search results for a precise phrase or string of words, use quotation marks (e.g., “Statutes of Limitations”). If you want search results that include “Statutes” but not “Limitations,” use the term “NOT” (e.g., Statutes NOT Limitations). The Boolean terms AND and OR also apply.