Succession Planning – What Does a Custodian Attorney Do?

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Succession Planning – What Does a Custodian Attorney Do?

About the VIDEO Host

Greg Sampson is a Board-Certified Estate Planning and Trust Attorney. He is a Member at Gray Reed & McGraw, P.C. and is the 2023-2024 Law Practice Management Committee Incoming Chair.

Greg focuses his practice on the areas of estate planning and administration. He has extensive experience with Law Practice Management with a special interest and focus on succession planning. In this video, he identifies the value of succession planning and why it is now more important than ever. Sampson outlines what custodian attorney’s responsibilities are and how they can be executed using the new Law Practice Management Succession Planning Toolkit.

Prepare for the unexpected by designating a custodian attorney. The process is fast and easy, taking less than three minutes. Follow this link to designate a custodian attorney today.

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