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Implement Law Office Marketing Strategies

Jennifer Karlsson

How to Implement Law Office Marketing Strategies

Law office marketing plan

The purpose of a law office marketing plan is to help identify and cultivate your client base by implementing strategies to rouse interest in your services. This checklist is designed with the intent to assist attorneys in the objective of implementing and recording the progress of marketing their practice. All of the strategies should be evaluated with the goal of getting word out about you and your service to current and potential clients. To what extent any of the following can help you achieve your marketing efforts will vary according to practice area and individual application of strategies listed. Start by reviewing your current marketing plan and adjust your overall business plan accordingly. Make certain your marketing efforts do not conflict with current advertising rules or rules of Professional Conduct.


Complete the following sentences then highlight the strategies below that meet your goals. As you accomplish each goal every month, write down the date in the column to the right. Periodically review and adjust your goals to meet changes in your practice.

To date my marketing plan involves… 
My goals from this point forward are… 
In order to achieve my goals I will… 

Strategies and accomplish dates (by end of month) 













Identify a cross-selling opportunity with existing client
(e.g.: family law practice: finalize divorce / create new will)

Identify and pursue a potential source of new business

Identify and foster a referral source each month

Refer non-engaged clients to at least 3 new attorney contacts

Identify and resolve any negative challenges of marketing efforts

Prepare information to include in firm newsletter or finalize mailing to clients quarterly

Insure written contact established at least once with every active client (other than billing statement)

Participate in a selected civic organization or meeting

Participate in local bar association

Participate in a selected national organization

Spend one hour drafting article for publication

Schedule or present a speech on area of expertise


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