Texas Guardianship Manual, 2022 Ed.

Now Available! Texas Guardianship Manual, 2022 Ed.Written byTexas Bar Books StaffShare this PostThe Texas Guardianship Manual is a valuable resource for lawyers administering guardianships. It is organized by a logical sequence of events that occur during the administration process. Its uniform format of 16 chapters of practice notes and 220 forms is designed to enhance readability, improve ready reference, and accommodate easier word-processing use of the forms. The 2022 edition of the Texas Guardianship Manual includes updates to the practice notes and forms to conform to statutory and case law updates. This new edition also includes:   Updates to the practice notes to reflect amendments to the Disciplinary Rules of Professional Conduct, including new rule 1.16 addressing client incapacity New discussion on the statutory process for designating essential caregivers for visitation in long-term care facilities Discussion of the revised disclosure rules and corresponding Rule 11 Agreement Expanded discussion on fraud, abuse and exploitation of the elderly or disabled, and the duty to report  Discussion on requirements relating to mediation of contested guardianships  Save time and money with the Texas Guardianship Manual in the format that suits you best: online subscription, digital download only, or hard copy plus digital download.  CONSIDER …

Now Available! Texas Real Estate Forms Manual, 2022 Edition

7 Reasons You Need the New 2022 Edition of the Texas Real Estate Forms Manual

The Texas Real Estate Forms Manual has been updated to reflect legislative and case law changes and will become an essential part of your real estate law practice. Here’s why:

Family Law Essentials—Giving Back to Your Community

Since 2006, Texas Bar Books has teamed up with the Legal Access Division of the State Bar of Texas to provide a complimentary annual subscription to Texas Family Law Practice Manual Online to every attendee of the Family Law Essentials seminars who agrees to accept four pro bono cases. All other registrants will receive 25% off an annual subscription.

New from Texas Bar Books! The Depositions Reference Card

New from Texas Bar Books! The Depositions Reference Card Written byTexas Bar Books StaffShare this PostQuickly get the support you need with this handy and helpful resource. Learn the basics of depositions with this laminated bifold card, which provides guidance to the relevant Texas Rules of Civil Procedure. It includes:   Preparation checklist  Reference for deposing experts  Oral examinations Depositions on written questions  Abuse of the rules and sanctions  And more!   Litigators of all stripes will find this card useful and concise.  Learn More About This ProductRecent Posts Texas Family Law Practice Manual — Form 63-8 Click here to download Guardianship Alternatives, 2022 ed., Is Now Available! How Law Students Can Access Our Online and Digital Publications for Free How to Probate a Will When the Original Is Lost This article was based on “Lost Wills” by Russell W. Hall When it comes to probate in Texas, original wills are… Texas Bar Practice Online Subscriptions are a Great Choice for Texas Lawyers Did you know many Texas Bar Practice publications are available as monthly and yearly online subscriptions? It’s true! Our online subscriptions offer… Return to Blog Directory→New from Texas Bar Books! The Depositions Reference Card  Written byTexas Bar Books Staff Share this Post Quickly get the …

Grammar Tip: Hyphenating Compound Adjectives

Hyphens play a wide variety of roles in written English. One of those roles is to add clarity to compound adjectives (adjectives made of two or more words) that immediately precede and modify nouns in sentences.