The Casemaker-Fastcase Merger: What you need to know to make the most of the new platform

The Casemaker-Fastcase Merger: What You Need to Know to Make the Most of the New Platform

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The State Bar of Texas has provided free access to legal research through both Fastcase and Casemaker as a member benefit for many years. In January, Fastcase and Casemaker merged and will be combining to offer a comprehensive set of tools and products under one platform: Fastcase. Soon Texas lawyers will see new innovations in citator, docket analytics, and workflow tools, maximizing your bar member benefit.

What this means for Texas Bar Books

One of the most useful features of Texas Bar Books publications is that relevant titles link cases and statutes to Casemaker. This benefit will never change, but now you’ll find that, by clicking the same link, you’ll be taken to Fastcase instead. You won’t need to download a new version of your book or make any changes to your online subscription.

What this means for Texas lawyers

Currently, Texas lawyers still have access to both Casemaker and Fastcase through their State Bar of Texas membership. If you have been using Casemaker exclusively, we encourage you to start using Fastcase and explore the platform. Access to the Casemaker platform is expected to end in October 2021. To help ease your transition, visit the Fastcase Resource Library where you can access tutorial videos, register for training webinars, and find answers to your questions. Or watch this “Casemaker to Fastcase” webinar available here. The webinar, hosted by Casemaker expert Sam Peacoe and law librarian Erin Page, is designed to introduce you to the Fastcase system and get you oriented as to resources, content, and features that are available in the system.


Casemaker and Fastcase have compiled frequently asked questions on this page


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