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Guardianship Alternatives, 2022 ed., Is Now Available!

Guardianship Alternatives, 2022 ed., is available to purchase in the Texas Bar Practice Bookshop. Purchase now, and the new edition will be in your hands soon. If you purchase the digital download, then it will be available in your Texas Bar Practice account as soon as the order goes through.

Updated Forms: Family Law Practice Manual [Word Doc & PDF Downloads]

The Texas Supreme Court’s amended rule 21(b) and new rule 21d of the Texas Rules of Civil Procedure, which went into effect on February 1, 2023, substantially changed the requirements for giving notice of court proceedings. As a free service to the members of the Family Law Section of the State Bar of Texas, the forms addressing these new requirements are available for download here.

Texas Criminal Pattern Jury Charges Online

Now Available! Texas Criminal Pattern Jury Charges OnlineWritten byTexas Bar Books StaffShare this PostTexas Bar Books is now offering the Texas Criminal Pattern Jury Charges online! This new version has several features designed to save you time and effort while drafting and assembling your charges. Since we will no longer be offering updates in hard copy format, we want to give you the opportunity to become familiar with the improved Texas Criminal Pattern Jury Charges Online by offering it to you FREE for 30 days. This new subscription product is easy to access, incorporates rolling updates, and there are no contracts with monthly subscriptions. Use code: CPJCFREE30.Sign Up for FreeThe new Texas Criminal Pattern Jury Charges Online includes ALL FOUR volumes of our previous editions, plus:    A charge selector tool to help you efficiently locate and assemble your charge  Streamlined downloadable templates that omit redundant and confusing text  Vetted, straightforward language to provide greater clarity for your jury  Updated offense commentary and instructions based on current law  Organization that aligns with the Penal Code for ease of use  Take a look at this quick video, showing how easy it is to use the new charge selector tool!  Watch NowRecent Posts Texas Family Law Practice Manual …

Proposed Changes: Rules of Civil Procedure to Be Updated Allowing Most Court Proceedings to Be Held Remotely

Proposed Changes: Rules of Civil Procedure to Be Updated Allowing Most Court Proceedings to Be Held RemotelyWritten byTexas Bar Books StaffShare this PostThe supreme court has proposed a change to the Rules of Civil Procedure that would give Texas judges the authority to allow most court proceedings to be held remotely. The rule as proposed states that the court must not require a party or lawyer to appear electronically for a court proceeding in which oral testimony is heard unless there is good cause or the parties agree. The proposed rule includes several factors for determining good cause including the case type and the complexity of the legal and factual issues. Similarly, a lawyer, party, or jury must not be required to appear electronically for a jury trial unless the parties agree. The proposed updates reflect many of the practices implemented by Texas courts during the COVID-19 pandemic. A copy of the proposed rule changes can be found here. The proposed updates are open for comment until January 1 and are expected to take effect February 1, 2023. Comments should be submitted to by January 1, 2023.Proposed Changes: Rules of Civil Procedure to Be Updated Allowing Most Court Proceedings …

Texas Guardianship Manual, 2022 Ed.

Now Available! Texas Guardianship Manual, 2022 Ed.Written byTexas Bar Books StaffShare this PostThe Texas Guardianship Manual is a valuable resource for lawyers administering guardianships. It is organized by a logical sequence of events that occur during the administration process. Its uniform format of 16 chapters of practice notes and 220 forms is designed to enhance readability, improve ready reference, and accommodate easier word-processing use of the forms. The 2022 edition of the Texas Guardianship Manual includes updates to the practice notes and forms to conform to statutory and case law updates. This new edition also includes:   Updates to the practice notes to reflect amendments to the Disciplinary Rules of Professional Conduct, including new rule 1.16 addressing client incapacity New discussion on the statutory process for designating essential caregivers for visitation in long-term care facilities Discussion of the revised disclosure rules and corresponding Rule 11 Agreement Expanded discussion on fraud, abuse and exploitation of the elderly or disabled, and the duty to report  Discussion on requirements relating to mediation of contested guardianships  Save time and money with the Texas Guardianship Manual in the format that suits you best: online subscription, digital download only, or hard copy plus digital download.  CONSIDER …

Annotated Texas Family Code, 2022 Edition

A project of the State Bar of Texas Family Law Section, the Annotated Texas Family Code provides commentary from seasoned family law attorneys. This new edition clearly indicates case law updated annotations and includes more than two hundred selected CLE articles from the TexasBarCLE Online Library.