Texas Criminal Pattern Jury Charges Online

Now Available! Texas Criminal Pattern Jury Charges Online

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Texas Bar Books is now offering the Texas Criminal Pattern Jury Charges online! This new version has several features designed to save you time and effort while drafting and assembling your charges.

Since we will no longer be offering updates in hard copy format, we want to give you the opportunity to become familiar with the improved Texas Criminal Pattern Jury Charges Online by offering it to you FREE for 30 days. This new subscription product is easy to access, incorporates rolling updates, and there are no contracts with monthly subscriptions. Use code: CPJCFREE30.

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The new Texas Criminal Pattern Jury Charges Online includes ALL FOUR volumes of our previous editions, plus:   

  • A charge selector tool to help you efficiently locate and assemble your charge 
  • Streamlined downloadable templates that omit redundant and confusing text 
  • Vetted, straightforward language to provide greater clarity for your jury 
  • Updated offense commentary and instructions based on current law 
  • Organization that aligns with the Penal Code for ease of use 

Take a look at this quick video, showing how easy it is to use the new charge selector tool!  

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