A lawyer working at her desk as she reads a printed page to check if the metadata was removed

Top 3 Data Risks Texas Lawyers Must Avoid

Law firms of all sizes can easily become victims of data breaches, phishing scams, and hacks. In fact, 25% of lawyers and law firms surveyed reported having experienced a data breach at some time in 2021. If you’re a Texas lawyer, you need to take proactive action to avoid data risks and other potential cybersecurity hazards. Here’s how you can protect yourself from data risks.

Software Savvy: Word Templates

Is there a way to recreate variations of frequently-used documents without having to start from scratch? Especially those with special formatting? If creating a new blank document is your usual go-to, it’s worth taking a look at the templates Microsoft Word includes. From business letters to lists, calendars, and more, using an existing template can help you avoid formatting struggles and can give you a polished-looking end product.