I want to begin a private practice and I’ve got nothing yet. Where do I start?

Conor Jensen

Starting a practice involves many considerations. Visit our Starting a Practice page for resources that address some of the common issues you might face in starting a practice. For a quick overview, you might also want to watch this program from TYLA’s Ten-Minute Mentor series: “Starting Your Own Practice.” “So You Are Starting Your Own Practice?” from TexasBarCLE’s Practice Tips series provides a more in-depth discussion.

How do I obtain an entity license or Online subscription for my entire firm?

Texas Bar Books Staff

ENTITY LICENSES An entity license allows an entire organization to access an online subscription or digital download at special prices. To inquire about an entity license, contact Group & Firm Sales Manager Laura Angle at 512-263-2802, or email her at langle@texasbar.com. Entity licenses are subject to the terms of the original license concerning permitted users of the online subscription or digital download. MULTIPLE SUBSCRIPTIONS If an entire organization doesn’t need access to an online manual, but a few members of the organization do, the organization may purchase however many subscriptions they need and manage which members of the organization have access. To manage multiple subscriptions for an organization, create a Texas Bar Practice account for the organization instead of as an individual—or log in to the organization’s account—purchase the desired number of subscriptions on the subscription product’s page in the Bookshop, and allocate those subscriptions as you see fit. Each additional subscription is for one additional lawyer and that lawyer’s support team only. Additional subscriptions are subject to the terms of the original license concerning permitted users of the online subscription.

How do I download the digital version of my manual?

Texas Bar Books Staff

Go to My Account To download the digital version of a manual, first go to My Account. Click “Download” On your My Library page, under “Downloadables,” click the “Download” button that corresponds with the product. Extract zip file contents The product will download packaged in a zip file. To access all of the features of the digital download, you should extract the contents of that zip file (see how here). Move the digital download where you want After extracting the contents of the zip file, you may copy or move the digital download’s product-named parent folder (for example, “Texas Collections Manual 2020”) and all of its contents to the desired location on your computer. The folder hierarchy and folder and file names within that parent folder, however, should not be altered, or cross-document links and other advanced features of the digital download could stop working. The Texas Bar Books toolbar Many digital downloads include Word forms designed to use the Texas Bar Books toolbar. These digital downloads will include a “Navigational Toolbar” subfolder inside the product’s “Forms” folder (for example, at C:\Texas Collections Manual 2020\Forms\Navigational Toolbar\). Unless the toolbar has already been installed on your computer for a previous product, …

How do I access my Online manual?

Texas Bar Books Staff

To access your available Texas Bar Books Online manual, log in at TexasBarPractice.com and navigate to your Account page. Select the My Library tab and from your list of subscriptions, click Go to Product. Your manual will open, ready for use.

What software or apps do I need to make full use of Texas Bar Practice products?

Texas Bar Books Staff

Internet browser You can view all of the content of our Online manuals using any Internet browser on any device able to access the Internet. The Online manuals also have a robust search feature and are fully hyperlinked for easy navigation. PDF file software The digital downloads contain all of the content of the manuals as PDF files that are hyperlinked for easy navigation. Although most software capable of viewing PDF files suffice for viewing the content, to fully take advantage of the advanced features included in these PDF files, we recommend Adobe Reader on a desktop or laptop. You may download a free copy of the Adobe Reader software at http://get.adobe.com/reader/. Some Online manuals and digital downloads also include the full text of selected CLE articles from the TexasBarCLE Online Library or forms available from state and federal agencies as individual PDF files. Word-processing software All Online manuals and most digital downloads include State Bar of Texas–copyrighted forms as downloadable, editable text files in MS Word. Word 2007 or later is recommended for Word forms specifically designed for use with the Texas Bar Books toolbar, which include the forms for the Online manuals and digital download practice manuals, as …

How do I purchase an online subscription?

Texas Bar Books Staff

To purchase a subscription to a Texas Bar Books Online manual, navigate to Texas Bar Books Online. Here you will find a complete catalog of our Online publications with product descriptions, pricing, and details.