An illustration displaying an individual sitting in front of a large monitor during a remote deposition with another individual

Practical Tips to Reenergize Your Remote Depositions

Remote depositions will continue to be a part of the legal system. Not only are they more convenient, but they also save time and money for lawyers and clients alike. Check out these simple tips to take your videoconferencing skills to the next level.

Young attorney checking a Fastcase alert on his phone while holding a coffee

NEW Case Alerts from Fastcase: Never Miss Another Texas Case Law Update

Fastcase is now offering free up-to-date Texas case law alerts to State Bar of Texas members. Upon signing up, bar members will receive daily alerts and case summaries that include a brief excerpt and a public link to the opinion. The updates draw on new Texas trial and appellate court opinions, so you’ll always be informed.

A collage of four pictures demonstrating healthy lifestyle habits for busy professionals and lawyers including eating healthy and working out

4 Healthy Habits for Lawyers to Boost Mental & Physical Well-being

The life of a lawyer is made up of long hours and stressful situations that can result in burnout and overwhelming stress. By incorporating healthy habits into your life, you can overcome these negative effects and face every day with optimism. We’ve compiled four healthy tips to take your mental and physical wellness to the next level.

A lawyer working at her desk as she reads a printed page to check if the metadata was removed

Top 3 Data Risks Texas Lawyers Must Avoid

Law firms of all sizes can easily become victims of data breaches, phishing scams, and hacks. In fact, 25% of lawyers and law firms surveyed reported having experienced a data breach at some time in 2021. If you’re a Texas lawyer, you need to take proactive action to avoid data risks and other potential cybersecurity hazards. Here’s how you can protect yourself from data risks.