Now Available! Texas Family Law Practice Manual, 2022 ed.

Now Available! Texas Family Law Practice Manual, 2022 ed.  

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6 Reasons Why You Need the New 2022 Edition of the  Texas Family Law Practice Manual 

The Texas Family Law Practice Manual has been updated to reflect legislative and case law changes and will become an essential part of your family law practice. Here’s why— 

  1. Contributors include attorneys who are experts in the family law field.  
  2. It covers everything from the first consultation with a client to closing the file. 
  3. It includes over 800 forms, almost all of which are editable in Word.  
  4. It covers the “why” behind the “how” with 45 chapters of practice notes. 
  5. Texas and federal case and statutory citations are linked to the Fastcase online database.  
  6. It’s available as a digital download, as a hard copy + digital download, and as an affordable online version.  


Both the digital download and Texas Family Law Practice Manual Online include everything the hard copy has to offer, including downloadable and editable documents, without the bulk of a physical book. The digital download is saved directly to your computer, whereas subscribing to our affordable online option gives you the flexibility to work wherever you want.  

What's the difference between the digital download and the online subscription? Read our Knowledge Base article here. 


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