How does payment for the Online manuals work? Is there a contract? May I cancel at any time?

Texas Bar Books Staff

If you purchase an annual subscription, the subscription period will extend for one year from the date you submit your credit card payment information. The subscription fee is nonrefundable. Unless you cancel your subscription, your subscription will automatically renew and your credit card will be billed each year on or about the date you originally submitted your payment information. We will send a reminder thirty days before your subscription expires. If you purchase a monthly subscription, the subscription period will extend for one month from the date you submit your credit card information. Unless you cancel your subscription, your credit card will be billed automatically on or around the same day of the month as the date of your initial subscription. You may cancel your subscription at any time by logging in to and using the Subscriptions/Auto-Renewals tab on your Account page, or by calling the Sales Desk at 800-204-2222 ext. 1411 or 512-427-1411 (in Austin), or by emailing us at Subscription fees you have already paid are nonrefundable, and the subscription is nontransferable.

How do I access my Online manual?

Texas Bar Books Staff

To access your available Texas Bar Books Online manual, log in at and navigate to your Account page. Select the My Library tab and from your list of subscriptions, click Go to Product. Your manual will open, ready for use.

How do content updates work for the Online manuals?

Texas Bar Books Staff

With Texas Bar Books Online there is no need to make additional supplement purchases or take any action to get updates. The site will automatically reflect these updates, and we will notify users of the changes made. Supplements to the hard copy and digital download versions of our manuals incorporate changes in legislation and case law as frequently as every one to two years, depending on the manual. Because all of the content in the manual is subject to a rigorous process of legal interpretation, writing, editing, and typesetting, the next update on the site will take place near the time of the print update.

What software or apps do I need to make full use of Texas Bar Practice products?

Texas Bar Books Staff

Internet browser You can view all of the content of our Online manuals using any Internet browser on any device able to access the Internet. The Online manuals also have a robust search feature and are fully hyperlinked for easy navigation. PDF file software The digital downloads contain all of the content of the manuals as PDF files that are hyperlinked for easy navigation. Although most software capable of viewing PDF files suffice for viewing the content, to fully take advantage of the advanced features included in these PDF files, we recommend Adobe Reader on a desktop or laptop. You may download a free copy of the Adobe Reader software at Some Online manuals and digital downloads also include the full text of selected CLE articles from the TexasBarCLE Online Library or forms available from state and federal agencies as individual PDF files. Word-processing software All Online manuals and most digital downloads include State Bar of Texas–copyrighted forms as downloadable, editable text files in MS Word. Word 2007 or later is recommended for Word forms specifically designed for use with the Texas Bar Books toolbar, which include the forms for the Online manuals and digital download practice manuals, as …

How do I cancel my Online manual subscription?

Texas Bar Books Staff

STEP 1: To cancel your subscription to a Texas Bar Books Online manual, log in at and navigate to your account page. STEP 2: Select the Subscriptions/Auto-Renewals tab. STEP 3: Here you will see a list of your Online manual subscriptions. Click “Cancel Subscription.” STEP 4: Choose the number of licenses you wish to cancel, and click “Cancel.” Done! Your subscription is canceled and you will not be charged at the next billing cycle.

What is the Texas Bar Books toolbar for Word?

Texas Bar Books Staff

The Texas Bar Books toolbar is an MS Word macro template file that enables you to more easily manipulate the word-processing forms provided with the online subscription and digital download practice manuals, as well as with the digital downloads of Guardianship Alternatives and Law Office Road Map. The toolbar may be used to— view or hide the instructions embedded in the word-processing forms; find and highlight the next variable, instruction, or optional text; browse, select, and copy clause text from forms that are collections of clauses; retain the embedded instructions for viewing while you work on your hard drive but prevent them from printing on your hard copies; and delete the embedded instructions entirely on forms you plan to email or file electronically. You can view a video tutorial for using the toolbar here. Hidden text Word forms designed for use with the toolbar include instructions as red-colored hidden text to help you prepare the form. These instructions should be deleted before printing a finished form or sharing it electronically. In Word, toggle between showing and hiding the instructions—or permanently delete the instructions—by clicking the appropriate button on the toolbar. Note that the last selection you make using the toolbar regarding …

How do I purchase an online subscription?

Texas Bar Books Staff

To purchase a subscription to a Texas Bar Books Online manual, navigate to Texas Bar Books Online. Here you will find a complete catalog of our Online publications with product descriptions, pricing, and details.

What is the difference between an Online manual and a digital download?

Anna Macdonald

Both Online manual and digital download versions of Texas Bar Practice publications include: the text of the entire publication editable forms in MS Word and, in some cases, Excel Texas and federal case and statutory citations linked to the Fastcase database forms available from state or federal agencies as PDF files A significant advantage the Online manual has over the digital download is that it’s accessible without downloading any files to your computer, so it’s easy to access from your PC, your tablet, your smartphone, and even others’ computers. All you need to do is log in to your Texas Bar Practice account and start using the product. The digital download, on the other hand, is downloaded and installed on your computer’s local hard drive. Although this limits your use of the product to the device(s) you install it on, you will still be able to use the entire publication even when Internet access is not available. Also, whereas updates to a publication are automatically incorporated into the Online manual and those updates are available to you as soon as they are published without any additional action on your part, you must purchase new editions of the digital download to …